It’s simple really… We cover sports the way you want them. What’s more, we cover sports the way they should be, not the way we’ve been conditioned to receive them. At its nucleus, the concept of sports should be taken for what it is, entertainment. Well, that’s exactly what we are here to provide, a different kind of sports outlet. Uncensored, unfiltered, fanatical passion to experience sports the way we truly feel about them. It is that same driving passion that we allow to manifest itself in our podcast, our writing, our photography, or any other medium. We pride on being knowledgeable, but refuse to suppress that common denominator that draws us in. The love for our teams, the games, and the people who live for this shit motivate us to be the educated voice of the fans.


Edwin Garcia

Known as EdLose or EddyWins depending on the streak. One of the founding members of the Lemonsiders. World traveler and a walking database of unnecessary, useless sports information. Part-time amateur goalie for the best adult recreational league team in West Kendall. I’m the cynical calming voice of reason on the show. I’m a creator of great things. Co-host and creative guru of Lemon City. I dish out the hot sports take on a daily, ask Hipster Rick. I LOVE uniforms and am a collector of vintage baseball caps. Move those thumbs and get at me on Twitter @iamlarryfresh

Gustavo Chacon

Most of you know me as The Prodoucher FunGus, but my government name is Gustavo A. Chacon. Born and raised in the 305! I say Miami sports fans should be grateful for what we’ve been able to experience, at least in my lifetime. Pretty well rounded in the major sports, but baseball is probably my weakest subject. Either way, I find it pointless to memorize every sports stat since the beginning of time when I can just look it up, so don’t expect me to drop some knowledge unless it’s useful in the real world. However, I’m not afraid to tell you why you’re opinion is 100% wrong, lest we agree, of course. Wanna get into it? Argue with me @onaPSih. It’ll be fun!

Alyssa Walters

The name’s Ourlyssa, Barbara, or the Kraken, but when I’m not with the guys, I’m simply known as Alyssa. I joined the Lemon-heads back in 2016 as their official photographer and it’s been an education of sports ever since. I grew up in Fort Lauderdale, but thanks to these dudes, I’ve never spent so much time in Miami. I’m known as the quiet one, but catch my sassy side and it probably means we’re friends now. Photography is my first love and we can talk shutter speeds if you’re down. I can’t spit the sports facts like these guys, but that’s why I keep them around. Catch me on the sidelines with my camera or on Instagram @lyssa_donna.

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