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The Lemon City Live Podcast debuted in 2015, giving listeners an uncensored, researched, passionate sports podcast for the uncensored, passionate fans. Throw in a few laughs… The result is one bad-ass podcast.  The podcast has also been featured in The New Tropic list of “Made in Miami” podcasts to check out.  You can listen to the show anytime on SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Stitcher Radio.

Edwin Garcia

Known as The Great Poutinho. One of the founding members and co-creator of Lemon City Live. World traveler and a walking database of unnecessary, useless sports information. Part-time amateur goalie for the best adult recreational league team in West Kendall. The cynical calming voice of reason on the show. A creator of great things. Co-host and creative guru of Lemon City. Dishing out the hot sports take on a daily. A lover of uniforms and a collector of vintage baseball caps. Move those thumbs and get at him on Twitter @iamlarryfresh

Gustavo Chacon

Most of you know him as The Prodoucher FunGus, but his government name is Gustavo A. Chacon. Born and raised in the 305! I say Miami sports fans should be grateful for what we’ve been able to experience, at least in my lifetime. Pretty well rounded in the major sports, but baseball is probably my weakest subject. Either way, I find it pointless to memorize every sports stat since the beginning of time when I can just look it up, so don’t expect me to drop some knowledge unless it’s useful in the real world. However, I’m not afraid to tell you why you’re opinion is 100% wrong, lest we agree, of course. Wanna get into it? Argue with me @onaPSih. It’ll be fun!

Tanard Davis

Father, actor, professional Jai Alai player and former NFL cornerback and Super Bowl Champion with the Indianapolis Colts. The hardest working man in showbiz. When he’s not co-hosting the Lemon City Live Podcast, you can find him at Magic City Casino Jai Alai slinging that pelota. Proud University of Miami Hurricane football alumni. Find him on Twitter at @TanardDavis

The Staff

Gabriel Garcia | Senior Writer

Just an avid sports fan who happens to have a love-hate (mostly love) relationship with his local teams be it collegiate or professional and also happens to be a news junkie. Mix in outstanding optimism with cold realism and you’ve got yourself a balanced cocktail perfect for champions. Find him on Twitter @Gabewritesports

Chris Perez | Senior Writer | Photographer

Young at heart, old in the knees. One of the few but proud Kansas City Chiefs fans ( 24 years strong) living in Miami, FL. Lover of Coke slurpees, Japanese soda, empanadas and Michael Scott meetings. Got into fantasy football because his skills on Madden were on a downhill, and needed to still feel like a strong behind the scenes sideline fan. Your typical Cuban/Puerto Rican where he knows a little about a lot so feel free to hit him up! Find him on Twitter @noturnormalhero

Danny Chacon | Writer

When he’s not eating Chipotle or breaking ankles in these streets, He’s writing articles for Lemon City Live. He only spits alternative facts. Basketball is his bread and butter, but sports in general is in his DNA. Find him on Twitter @dannycasvnova

Ronnie Diaz | Writer

MMA writer for Lemon City Live. A fighting enthusiast and amateur artist. He’s been watching the sport since the days of Pride, and at one point trained in BJJ, Kickboxing, and wrestling. You can catch him at Sports Grill watching PPV fights and enjoying some wings and a cold beer.

The We Ain’t Found Sith Podcast


A podcast by three guys with opposing views on pop culture. Part of the Lemon City Live Podcast Network. Join the conversation in our Facebook Group.


After successfully defeating the Necromancer along with Prince By-tor, Pedro, the Manalorian bounty hunter, escaped the grip of the Solar Federation and found refuge in Endor. After years of hiding in isolation, Pedro moved to Miami where he went under the name Jerry Finkle and started his legendary band SCAB. He became intrigued with comic books, cinema and ghames (not a typo). He met Louie when he was brutally attacked by Wolverine, who ripped out his heart as a joke but put it back instantly (Wolverine’s a dick!). They were destined to be excellent to each other. Then after a 4-year debate about who the villain in Moana was (lava monster) with Eben, they decided to use their powers for good and entertain the cosmos. Thus WAFS was born. Soon to be touring on the rings of Saturn. Stay tuned for tour dates.

Eben Chavez

A bottomless receptacle of useless knowledge. Spending countless hours watching television and movies, reading, and listening to podcasts. A modern day renaissance man and Jack of all trades there are few subjects with which he does not have some level of familiarity. A loner by nature preferring to spend time taking in information he also loves to share that information with those who don’t have it. Inherently argumentative, there are few people he likes to argue with more than his good friend Pedro ( the bad guy is Maui). The two have been arguing over movies and comics for a decade much to the amusement of their friends who insisted they start a podcast so that the masses could enjoy the debate as well.

Looey Q

The guy who spends most of his time hiding in Eben’s closet and watching him sleep at night. He can also be found in Eben’s kitchen eating his Chocolate Lucky Charms. Louie is also best friends with Pedro and they hang out all the time. When Louie isn’t at Eben’s house he’s at his own house being a family type person to his wife and kids. He might also be drawing comics and stuff. You can also find Louie at local comic conventions trying to sell you his comics and art and junk. Check out his stupid art at or follow him on Instagram to see pictures of his dog pooping @LooeyQComics

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