Lemonsiders Fantasy Facts I Week 3 Waiver Wire PickUps

waiver wire pickups

From Patrick Mahomes's SIX touchdown performance, Vontae Davis retiring during half time, Ryan Fitzpatrick’s post-game swag to Keenan Cole’s ridiculous one handed catch, week two provided plenty of excitement. Of course, though, there were some disappointments. Once again, my streaming DST didn’t pan out for me. Last week I got burnt

Lemonsiders Fantasy Facts | Week Two Lineup: Start, Bust Alerts, Sleepers

waiver wire pickups

So, who burned you Week One? I know we ALL had some guys that totally let us down, and unfortunately some of it was due to injuries. For me, Doug Baldwin’s injury hurt me bad, since he ended up with a goose egg. Chris Hogan, with ONE catch hurt me,

Lemonsiders Fantasy Facts | Week 1 Waiver Wire Pickups

waiver wire pickups

Like any Week-one of the fantasy football season, we have to remember not to panic too soon. There’s going to be some over reactions. This can work in your favor if you pounce on owners who tend to freak out early by low balling on trades, or taking advantage of

Lemonsiders Fantasy Facts | Week 1 Start, Bust Alerts & Sleepers

waiver wire pickups

So, here we are, Week one of the NFL, all the planning and drafts are over and it’s time to get things poppin’! Here’s where things get tricky because you want to start off your year with a W, so my advice is, don’t get too cute. You drafted your

Lemonsiders Fantasy Facts | Rookie Running Back Outlook | Swipe Right Swipe Left

waiver wire pickups

When you think of Miami, FL, what do you think of? If you’re not from Miami, you may think of beautiful beaches, beautiful women, clubs, the night life and all that jazz. Yeah, that does indeed describe a lot of what Miami is but locals like myself would also tell

Lemonsiders Fantasy Facts | 2018 Draft Prep

waiver wire pickups

You ever find yourself peeking over at the clock while at work anticipating when it’s time to leave? Of course you have, we’ve all done it. You know what I personally anticipate more than leaving work though? Football season! Yes folks, football is back and we are now in full fledge fantasy

Lemonsiders Fantasy Facts – Week 16 Championship Edition

Here we are Lemonheads, fantasy football championship week!! The last of the 16 weeks with all the rollercoaster of emotions is coming to an end. It's an exciting time for those in the championship game and for those who missed out, well, there's always next year right? Sadly enough, this