Lemon City Live podcast | Episode 149

Lemon City Live

Lemon City Live Episode 149! NFL Free Agency is 🔥! Antonio Brown, ☠️ Odell Beckham Jr., 🐶 Le'Veon Bell, 🚀💩 Schefter's been busy! Tanard Davis tells us about what it's really like during free agency. 🍋 Also, a little story about bathroom etiquette. 🚽 Brought to you by Magic City Casino Jai-Alai #LiveTheJaiLife!

Lemon City Live podcast | Episode 148 feat. MJ Acosta

MJ Acosta

Lemon City Live Episode 148 Today, we were joined by TD's coworker, NFL Network's very own, MJ Acosta! She recently covered her 1st ever NFL Combine, and this is her first NFL Free Agency season since joining the network, so we took a Miami Dolphins perspective. What will the Fins' QB situation be

Lemon City Live podcast | Episode 147 | Feat. Billy Corben of Magic City Hustle

Magic City Hustle

Episode 147! On today's episode of Lemon City Live, we talk about all things Miami with Rakontur co-founder and famed Miami Director (Cocaine Cowboys, The U, Dawg Fight, Broke), Billy Corben. Join us as he gives us some insight into his new film, Magic City Hustle. The film chronicles the 1st season

Lemon City Live Podcast | Episode 146

Episode 146

Lemon City Live Episode 146! Is baseball still the way to go if you want to get paid? Are the Alliance of American Football players getting paid? Kaepernick got paid. To watch Duke vs. UNC, you're going to have to pay, a lot! Did the #NBA All-Star game pay off? That and more! Brought to you by Magic City Casino