The Lemon Drop – The More You Know…

In the realm of sports, especially nowadays, few stories go untold. Basically, social media and an over-saturation of outlets have made it damn near impossible to fly under the radar for any athlete in the national entertainment spotlight. However, I still feel like there are things – huge, news-worthy, pressing

The Lemon Drop – R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Find Out What It Means To Baseball

"Respect the game". Has a more ridiculous sentence ever been uttered? Consider the beginning and end of said sentence. "Respect", followed by the word "game". "Game" as in play. "Game" as in entertainment. "Game" as in not that fucking serious.  Baseball is about as bad as it gets when it comes

Lemon City Live with SoccerShape Miami

Ever wonder what pro-athletes do to stay so fit? Well, we got a taste of what it takes. Here's our post-workout talk with one of the founders of SoccerShape and Miami FC defender Mason Trafford. SoccerShape is a high-energy, intimate, and music filled workout class. They combine strength training and cardio with fun soccer exercises to create the most exciting workout in Miami. Classes are

Taking Tailgating To The Next Level

Lemon City Live strives to promote the fandom, passion and voice of the fan. We happily extend our platform to anyone looking to express themselves and greatly appreciate the following contribution. Written by - Yamile Chacon Leyton Football season has finally graced us with her presence. While interceptions, first downs and field goals are