How Mixed Martial Arts Changed Video Games and Action Flicks.

Street Fighter meets UFC

Miami, FL - I’ve been a fan of the sport of MMA for quite some time, maybe 17 years. I remember it was my cousin Jeff that introduced me to a few Pride fights. Pride Fighting Championship was an international fighting organization based in Japan. Now, it wasn’t just the

Nick Diaz Accepts Sanction for Violation of UFC Anti-Doping Policy

Colorado Springs, CO - USADA announced today that Nick Diaz, of Stockton, Calif., has accepted a one-year sanction for a violation of the UFC® Anti-Doping Policy resulting from three unsuccessful test attempts during a 12-month period. Like all UFC athletes, Diaz, 34, is a member of the UFC Registered Testing Pool and

Fight Night with Titan FC 48

 Last Friday, Lemon City Live attended another MMA event, this time it was Titan FC! (Titan Fighting Championship). Titan is a smaller promotion. Instead of rivaling the UFC, it has become a sort of minor league. In other words, this serves to provide the UFC with new prospects. Despite the

305 Fights MMA Event Feb. 3rd 2018

305 fights

I have said before that MMA is on the rise in the Magic City. Miami has seen a rise of MMA gyms pop all over the city. Saturday night in the city of Miami Gardens, at the Nine 0 One convention center, we had an amateur MMA event put together

Combate Americas MMA Presents Combate Clasico

Damn! MMA events are lit, y ’all! Color me impressed. Much like the MLB’s 2017 All-Star Game held in Miami, following the announcement that El Clasico would be taking place at Hard Rock Stadium, Stephen Ross (Miami Dolphins owner and native) took it upon himself to 305 the shit out of