Plantation, FL – The Miami Dolphins hosted the Dolphins Kids Cook-Off presented by Publix in which Miami Dolphins players Cornell Armstrong, Jerome Baker, Jalen Davis, Luke Falk, Minkah Fitzpatrick, Connor Hilland, Jamiyus Pittman, Quentin Poling, Durham Smythe and Kenny Stills, along with T.D., Dolphins staff, police officers and 19 students teamed up to show off their cooking skills at the Publix Aprons Cooking School on Tuesday, Nov. 13.


“One of the things that is so great about being true partners with the Dolphins is getting to see the players totally involved, it means the world to the kids, they light up and everyone has a good time,” said Publix Media & Community Relations Manager Nicole Krauss. “We have a long-standing partnership with the Dolphins and we work on a variety of community oriented events throughout the year and this special one we have is just before Thanksgiving so we thought food, fun, family, bringing everyone together in the kitchen, what better way to bring in the holidays.”


The group gathered at the Publix Aprons Cooking School to take photos and received aprons as they were divided into two groups to receive an up close and personal cooking lesson. Following the instructions of Chef Rey and his team, the students and players got their hands dirty as they worked together to prepare and then enjoy pizza, Caesar salad and cupcakes all made from scratch.  Additionally, each student received a $100 Publix gift card to help with groceries for the upcoming holiday seasons.


“We are with Football Unites kids and also with police officers basically learning to cook for the holidays just having a great time baking cupcakes and cooking pizza which is my favorite,” said Miami Dolphins Linebacker Jerome Baker. “It’s definitely a blessing of how well the Dolphins support us and also support the kids. It is amazing honestly every week it is always something new and it’s another event to really connect with the kids and the community. Just have a good time with them. They come out every Sunday to support us so it’s one way to give back. They are starting to know us more, be comfortable with us so it’s definitely fun to see those smiles on their faces and how surprising how easy it is to make something so simple as a pizza.”

Students from the Miami Dolphin’s Football Unites programs of Miramar PAL, North Miami PAL, North Miami Beach PAL, BSO PAL and Miami Gardens Explorers were selected to participate in this event. Police Officers from each of the corresponding areas also attended to show their support and interact with the youth and players.


“I learned a lot more stuff then from what I knew before so it was beneficial,” said North Miami Beach Police Athletic League Student Stephanie Pineda. “We are learning how to cook but we are also talking with the Dolphins players and with other kids so it’s like we are learning from different people.”


“There aren’t words that could express how grateful we are for the Dolphins to put a Football Unites collaboration with different organizations not only for the children but for the adults to come in contact with each other and learn about each other and get an opportunity that probably would never happen to be fulfilled with the Dolphins players,” added

Image Credit: Miami Dolphins

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