Lemon City Live podcast | Episode 141

Lemon City Live

Welcome to the Tag Team Championship match! We've got Lemon City Live & Lincoln's Beard Brewery vs. The Noodle & Meatball. In anticipation of the Royal Rumble, we put together an all-out Wrestling show! (This time we were sidetracked by sports) So put on your championship belt, shotgun some Lincoln's Beard brew, Austin

Knuckle Up With Ron – Mexico


What’s good, knuckle heads? Yes, that’s my new name for those that are reading this. We recently had another flipping amazing fight, good thing it was free. It was Fight Night 114, Sergio Pettis vs Brandon Moreno. This event was held in one of my favorite cities in the world,

Combate Americas MMA Presents Combate Clasico

Damn! MMA events are lit, y ’all! Color me impressed. Much like the MLB’s 2017 All-Star Game held in Miami, following the announcement that El Clasico would be taking place at Hard Rock Stadium, Stephen Ross (Miami Dolphins owner and native) took it upon himself to 305 the shit out of