“I don’t know anything about fashion, but I like it”. That was one of Lemon City Live’s co-hosts, Fresh, expressing what we were all thinking. We didn’t know what to expect, as we had never covered anything like this before. The closest thing we’ve ever come to fashion is talking about which teams have the best uniforms. I have to say, though, I felt like Mugatu in Zoolander, who invented the piano-key necktie, because all of a sudden, we’re front and center for a Victoria’s Secret–like fashion show. Also, by the way, shout out to our boy, Ferb Rojas, came strong with the floral print pants. “He’s so hot right now!” But, we’re a sports show, so what are we doing at a fashion show, you ask? We were invited to cover the 2017 edition of the Annual Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Swimsuit Fashion Show.

Everyone knows Miami is an event town. We live in a beautiful city, surrounded by beautiful people. Our football team plays in a newly renovated beautiful stadium, and the cheerleaders are, well, beautiful! They’re easily one of the more recognizable cheerleading squads in the entire world, and boast the most diverse group of women in the NFL, reflecting six different countries and speaking a combined four languages. The squad strives to be well rounded, representing all women, and include athletes, students, professionals, teammates, and sisters. They are professional, educated and hard-working women who aspire to be positive role models, pun intended, and inspire all women through public speaking, physical fitness and etiquette.

Usually, the photo-shoot and fashion show culminate into a swimsuit calendar, but this time around they upped the ante. The squad chose to create The Annual, a 100-page book filled with images from the photo-shoot described as “beautiful, iconic, and timeless.” This was a great response to the destruction of Hurricane Irma, as proceeds from this year’s Annual, photographed from Key West to Miami Beach, will benefit rebuilding efforts in the Keys and all affected areas from Hurricane Irma through the Miami Dolphins Foundation.

Before the show started they held a small ceremony to unveil the cover of The Annual, and Cheerleader Adrianna received the honor as the first cover girl to grace the front of the book. It was her second time being chosen to represent the squad on the cover, currently in her 4th season with the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders. We caught up to her asked about the process of the photo shoot. She described it as “the most beautiful day ever”. She talked about her 3am call time for hair and makeup, and seemed to still be in shock about earning the cover.

We also caught up with Paige, who, in the middle of the interview, found out that she was given the back cover of The Annual, so we got the exclusive on her reaction. How cool is that? She said, “These are happy tears!” and “That is so cool that I get to be the person that’s on the back representing my team”, as she held back tears of joy.

SWIPE ↔️ What an amazing show put on by @dolphinscheer! Full coverage of the event, including interviews and videos coming soon!

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The show itself was quite the production, with music, lighting, dancing, and of course, the cheerleaders showing why they’re arguably the most popular squad in the world. We’d like to thank the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders for inviting us to their event, and giving us a new perspective on sports entertainment. We’ve got plenty of pictures and video of the event, and we hope you’ll pick up a copy of The Annual and support the relief efforts of the Florida Keys and all other areas affected by Hurricane Irma. #FinsUp!

For more photos from this event, please CLICK HERE.

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