Views From The Cheap Seats | August 10th, 2018

Holy cow! Personally, I always found it generally difficult to sweep a team in professional sports. It ain’t easy in baseball, even at the collegiate level. When you’re the one

Views From The Cheap Seats | August 4th, 2018

Well that could’ve gone better. The latest slate of games were a mixed bag, revealing our usual weaknesses although one amazing thing did come of it. More on that in



Antrel Rolle

Lemon City Live Podcast | Episode 123

Today, we were blessed to be joined by Super Bowl Champ and Miami Hurricane Legend, Antrel Rolle! 🙌🏼 Is Tiger Woods back? 🐅 Is Ryan Tannehill finally becoming the leader the Fins

Miami Sports Show

Lemon City Live Podcast | Episode 122

Your favorite Miami Sports Show has a Mission Accomplished! 💣 Johnny Football's parents must be paying for his Fortnite coaches... ☠️ We talk NFL - AFC & NFC West! 🏈 ProDoucher FunGus can't

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