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The Lemon City Live Podcast

The Lemon City Live Podcast debuted in 2015, giving listeners an uncensored, researched, passionate sports podcast for the uncensored, passionate fans. Throw in a few laughs… The result is one bad-ass podcast.  The podcast has also been featured in The New Tropic list of “Made in Miami” podcasts to check out.  You can listen to the show anytime on SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Stitcher Radio. Episodes also stream live on our Facebook, Twitter page and the 5 Reasons Sports YouTube page.

Edwin Garcia

Official co-host & photog for Lemon City Live. Creator of great things and lover of athletic aesthetics. Schnauzer Dad and Poutine Lover. One of the founding members and co-creator of Lemon City Live. World traveler and a walking database of unnecessary, useless sports information. Move those thumbs and get at him on Twitter @iamlarryfresh

Gustavo Chacon

Most of you know him as The Prodoucher FunGus, but his government name is Gustavo A. Chacon. Co-host of the podcast and one of the founding members of Lemon City Live. I’m not afraid to tell you why you’re opinion is 100% wrong, lest we agree, of course. Wanna get into it? Argue with me @onaPSih

Achilles Carmenate

Co-host and the professional sports guy of the team. “Respected” by Alexi Lalas himself. No one likes more tweets than I do!!! #GetOnMyLevel  Find me on Twitter @AchillesXC2

Tanard Davis

Father, actor, professional Jai Alai player and former NFL cornerback and Super Bowl Champion with the Indianapolis Colts. The hardest working man in showbiz. When he’s not co-hosting the Lemon City Live Podcast, you can find him at Magic City Casino Jai Alai slinging that pelota. Proud University of Miami Hurricane football alumni. Find him on Twitter at @TanardDavis

Danis Sosa

The strong and silent type. Professional time traveler and the behind-the-scenes producer of the podcast. He’s an Emmy award winner and a lifelong Miami sports fan. When he’s not producing, you can find him on the sidelines pointing his lenses at the action. Find him on Twitter and follow his work @Sosafins

The Staff

Gabriel Garcia | Senior Writer

Just an avid sports fan who happens to have a love-hate (mostly love) relationship with his local teams be it collegiate or professional and also happens to be a news junkie. Mix in outstanding optimism with cold realism and you’ve got yourself a balanced cocktail perfect for champions. Find him on Twitter @Gabewritesports

Alex Windley | Senior Writer

Alex is a soccer enthusiast with an unhealthy obsession with tattoos. Born and raised in Miami, she spends her time waxing poetic over Jordan Rakei, finding different tea combinations, and planning her next road trip. Co-host of The Heron Outlet Podcast. Twitter @aaw_1998

Zachary Weinberger | Writer

I’m an avid sports watcher of the big three teams based in Miami, Florida: Dolphins, Heat, and Marlins. Also, love professional wrestling! At Lemon City Live, I’m a beat writer for the FAU Football team. Twitter @ZachWeinberger

Danny Chacon | Writer

When he’s not eating Chipotle or breaking ankles in these streets, He’s writing articles for Lemon City Live. He only spits alternative facts. Basketball is his bread and butter, but sports, in general, is in his DNA. Find him on Twitter @dannycasvnova

Ronnie Diaz | Writer

MMA writer for Lemon City Live. A fighting enthusiast and amateur artist. He’s been watching the sport since the days of Pride, and at one point trained in BJJ, Kickboxing, and wrestling. You can catch him at Sports Grill watching PPV fights and enjoying some wings and a cold beer.



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