College Football Kickoff

Lemon City Live | Episode 167 | College Football Kickoff

Part 1: College Football season kicked off with Canes vs Gators. We hot take on Popeye’s chicken and FIU Football with Eric Henry.

Part 2: Andrew Luck retires. Troy Aikman burns Gotlieb. VMA’s happened and we dive into music, Super Bowl memories and movies with Chicago Hip Hop artist Serengeti.

Brought to you by Magic City Casino Jai-Alai, #LiveTheJaiLife!

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Edwin Garcia
Known as EdLose or EddyWins depending on the streak. One of the founding members of the Lemonsiders. World traveler and a walking database of unnecessary, useless sports information. I’m the cynical calming voice of reason on the show. I’m a creator of great things. Co-host and creative guru of Lemon City. I dish out the hot sports take on a daily, ask Hipster Rick. I LOVE uniforms and am a collector of vintage baseball caps.

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