Lemon City Live Episode 93

It's a pretty big week for Lemon City Live. We interviewed South Carolina's Coach Frank Martin, covered bowl bound college football teams, and will be covering the #ConferenceUSA championship game! But we just want to talk movies, food, and make ridiculous statements about #Bama and Eli Manning. We're bout that #HotTake life!

Lemon City Live Episode 92

Should we just play #TurnoverChain over and over again? Yes, but we didn't. #TheU is back! The Fins are wack! We're unsure about the Heat, but we ain't worried. Don't get us started on the #Marlins... #StantonStays. The #WorldCupQualifiers don't care who you are! Also, we reflect on what was a historic, yet heartbreaking season for The Miami

Lemon City Live Episode 88

He's back! Fresh, EdLose, Poutine King, or Cafezinho Branco. He missed so much. Baseball playoffs are happening, hard! Jay Cutler's Dolphins offense is showing vital signs while ARod gets crushed. The NBA starts back up and the usual suspects are at the top. However, who tops our overrated players list?