Maybe it’s not too late to get a refund on your Tim Tebow Jags jersey? Speaking of a Heisman Trophy winner, we make our early picks for this year’s Heisman. Also, we introduce the newest member of the Lemon City Live team, Zachary Weinberger, covering FAU football! However, the sports talk of the town is centered on Tua. We’ve got our takes on how he did in his first preseason game ever and how he’ll look going forward into this 2021 season. All that and more!



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Gustavo Chacon
Born and raised in the 305! I find it pointless to memorize every sports stat since the beginning of time when I can just look it up. I'm not afraid to tell you why your opinion is 100% wrong. Wanna get into it? Argue with me @OnaPsiH. It'll be fun!

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