Well, well, well. Quite a while it has been. About three weeks, two games, and one natural disaster ago, Miami FC took the pitch and we had soccer in South Florida. Right before the hiatus – September 6th, to be exact – Miami would draw in a 3-3 match against the New York Cosmos as the rest of the population was getting ready for the storm. So let’s just catch you up real quick here on the time since. Hurricane Irma came through, she was not kind and that sucked. Far more important things than sports occurred and were affected, but we are not in the business of discussing such things here. Two Miami games that were supposed to take place did not, one home and another one away. Jaime Chavez is out of his fucking mind right now; he was so before the unexpected break, it has continued post it. Responsible for 11 of the last 13 Miami goals including a hat trick, Chavez notched two more goals against Jacksonville Armada FC last weekend to continue the unbelievable roll. A luxury for Miami FC to be sure, fellow striker Vincenzo Rennella can now take his time making his way back to the starting lineup.

On the home end of the one-and-one against Jacksonville, Miami had an odd start time at 6:00 pm on a late Sunday afternoon. But we were there, because we had to be and we’ve been jonesing for a little futbol. Clearly, the 3-0 spanking in Jacksonville wasn’t enough, the Armada actually had the balls to make the trip south and show up to this game. We all know what’s coming here. Miami has the least amount of games played in the NASL Fall Season, yet still remain atop the standings. In the combined standings, well, it’s really just embarrassing how far ahead Miami is.

I’ll have you know right now that Stefano Pinho might be happy the team is doing so well, but he is NOT about this “not being the top scorer in the league” life. Chavez’s torrid pace as of late was really challenging his status, so Pinho did a little work in the 20th minute to ensure his lead. Chavez would share a bit of the glory as he one-touched a deep cross back into the penalty area for the Pinho diving header. GOOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!!!

The rest of this match was rather uneventful as Miami defended its lead at home. The usual up-and-downs of a match took place without much of note, save for one Daniel Vega denial. In the 64th minute, Vega stretched out to his right and stopped a ball headed for the lower 90. It was really the ball ricocheting around in the box that made the save so impressive as Vega managed to keep his concentration and preserve the lead for his team. It would prove to be the difference in this one.

Poku and company keep on delivering W’s!

Miami won the game 1-0 to hand Jacksonville their second loss in one week at the expense of the boys in blue and orange. The onslaught through the league continues for the 305 guys with their 8th straight unbeaten match and we have the playoffs on our mind. Can’t avoid playing out the rest of the fall season, though. The next one takes place on Wednesday, October 4th against the San Francisco Deltas followed by another one for a deja-vu Saturday.

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