Lemon City Live Podcast | Episode 117

Lemon City Live Episode 117, Miami Podcast

It's the World Cup! 🏆 Week one was nuts, and we're losing our minds! 🤯 Messi vs Ronaldo, and we got heated. 🐐? What storyline is the biggest surprise? 🧐 Who's wearing the best uni's? 👕 Landon, Dondevas? 🇺🇸➡🇲🇽 Also, NBA offseason is as dramatic as the playoffs! 😰 Where are Lebron & Kawhi going? 👬 Puma hostile

FC Barcelona practice at Barry University

Miami, Florida - FC Barcelona practiced and trained at Barry University Thursday afternoon, just over 48 hours ahead of Saturday's much anticipated El Clásico. It was the team's first workout since arriving on Thursday to Miami, which is the third and final stop on the club's summer tour in the United States. Hundreds

Team Messi or Team Cristiano

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past twelve years, there happen to be two very great soccer players - maybe the two greatest ever - playing at the same time. Naturally, we, as fans, have had to choose sides. Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have graced