Lemon City Live podcast | Episode 139

Lemon City Live

It's 2019, Lemonheads! We reflect on 2018 as our football teams went full Miami to close out the year. We preview the NFL Playoffs and talk about our Orange Bowl experience. Patrick Mahomes is inhuman. The Miami Heat are on fire! Christian Pulisic is moving to the EPL. Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock or Roger Federer

Miami Open, Early Rounds | March 21st, 2018

The early rounds of the Miami Open were all about the women. We’ll save the men for another day. Yesterday and today had so many storylines on the women’s side that I can’t help but show them love. ☀🌴🎾#MiamiOpen is the place to be. pic.twitter.com/I1fHsjmSrc — Miami Open (@MiamiOpen) March 21, 2018 Let’s

A Night At The Open

How lucky are we? Honestly, did we ever think we would see this again? Venus Williams, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer. Continued excellence has a way of being taken for granted. It's natural really, for the audience at least, but it is also unacceptable. Federer and Nadal hold all-time status even