Miami Dolphins Alumni Weekend

Miami Gardens, FL – The Miami Dolphins Alumni Weekend culminated with a halftime salute during last week’s Chargers game. It’s a rough season, so it’s nice to have some feel-good moments. The weekend kicked off with the annual Alumni Weekend Golf Tournament on Friday, Sept. 27. There were four different event categories: Scramble – won by Rodney Barreto, Ben Eisenberg, Scott Harris, and Lawrence Taylor • Closest to the Pin – won by Jeff Weaver • Women’s Longest Drive– won by Valeria Brannen • Men’s Longest Drive– Adam Roush. Following the golf tournament was the Alumni Weekend Party presented by the Hard Rock Hotel on Saturday, Sept. 28. The Alumni also participated in a private pregame tailgate with their families before Sunday’s game. 

This season’s alumni weekend was special, as all season long the Dolphins are honoring the memory of two late Hall of Famers – Nick Buoniconti and Jim Langer – during the 2019 season with a special decal on their helmets. The decal features the initials “NAB” and “JJL” and was worn for the first time in the regular-season opener against the Baltimore Ravens at Hard Rock Stadium on Sept. 8. Buoniconti and Langer are two of 10 Dolphins Hall of Famers. Buoniconti passed away July 30 at the age of 78, while Langer passed away August 29 at the age of 71. The pair are the first Dolphins Hall of Famers to have passed and this the first time that the Dolphins have honored the passing of an alumnus with a helmet sticker. 

Miami Dolphins Senior Vice President of Special Projects & Alumni Relations Nat Moore said, “This weekend is a celebration of the comradery, tradition, and history of the Miami Dolphins alumni. We want to honor those who have dedicated their time on the field for the Dolphins’ organization, and what better way than to have them come together for Alumni Weekend presented by Baptist Health so that they can share memories with one another and make new ones together.”

📸Credit: Miami Dolphins

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