The Sequel. Part Two. This one however, had to be better than the first. It was just a few days ago – Wednesday, October 4th, to be exact – that Miami FC hosted the San Francisco Deltas for the first meeting of back-to-back games at home. If you missed the game, I got you. Know that it was a lackluster display by both sides on an even more lethargic day in Miami, Florida. Through the rain and indifference, a tie emerged. Vincenzo Rennella returned to action and promptly added himself to the box score, but an ill-timed takedown in the box had the Deltas tying the game with a penalty. That’s it, that was all that was eventful. It would end 1-1.

So here we were. Saturday. A new day and another chance to seal the season-long standings in the NASL. A win last match would have gotten the job done, but no matter. Anything other than a loss would get it done today. Come get some, Deltas!

Well, if you must know, my Saturday started pretty well. I slept in a bit, the weather was nice, and then the Miami Hurricanes took that ass in Tallahassee against the Florida State Seminoles for the first time in 8 years. It’s all about this U! I say all of this to say that I did not need Miami’s soccer team coming in at the tail end of my Saturday to bum me out. They looked good in the all blue unis, just had to get this shit done and take care of business.

Alas, my day cannot be all positive, the universe would not allow it. Let’s get this out of the way, Miami got their asses spanked by the Deltas today. The game ended 3-0, but from the starting whistle, San Francisco dominated this game. The chances were few and far between, until the end of the game that is, when it no longer mattered. It seemed the offensive end of the field for the Deltas is where I was watching the game being played all night long. An absolute fucking GOLAZO by Reiner Ferreira in the 15th came from waaaayyy outside the box. He bent that bitch like Beckham and Miami GK Daniel Vega didn’t stand a chance. Tom Heinemann was pretty incredible all night for the visiting team and in the 63rd he headed in a corner to double up the score. In the 78th minute, he did it again. A tap in off a cross following a through ball made it 3-0. It would actually end that way and it is Miami’s first 3-0 defeat since last year.

Well, that sucked. In the words of Bruce Silverman (Miami FC’s play-by-play voice), “history will have to wait”. Miami will attempt to take care of that history a week from now at Indy Eleven. Until then, they will enjoy their first full week of practice in some time. It seems the team might be struggling a bit to focus on the present as opposed to looking ahead to the impending playoffs. Not much to worry about here. The 8 match unbeaten streak ends, but this team has much bigger things in mind and coming up.

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Enrique Sierra
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