The summer of slacking is over! And just in time for football season! The Jay Cutler-Ridge Era has begun, and the Fins got their nicotine patches on deck. Baseball is finally having some fun with their stars. Imagine… La Potencia… The NBA’s drama-filled offseason continues, but all we could do was talk about curry sauce. We unveiled a new segment called “30-5”, and It’s Edlose vs Hipster Rick. Last, but not least, The Miami FC don’t look like themselves, but we’re giving them the benefit of the doubt. Plenty to talk about. It’s a long one!

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Gustavo Chacon
Born and raised in the 305! I find it pointless to memorize every sports stat since the beginning of time when I can just look it up. I'm not afraid to tell you why your opinion is 100% wrong. Wanna get into it? Argue with me @OnaPsiH. It'll be fun!

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