Lemon City Live Episode 83

It was a busy week, so we had to give it to you twice! And you don’t even have to wait a few minutes before the 2nd go-around. We can jump right into it. Ever been to ball game in #LA, well Edlose has got you covered. Is Giancarlo Stanton the MVP? There probably is no other. Was Mayweather / McGregor worth the $100 bucks? Maybe, with any luck. Speaking of luck, does Stafford deserve to be the highest paid QB? He’s going to have to win a playoff game, so we’ll wait and see. The Miami FC are still making us look good. Guess who’s part of our fantasy league. Yup! Mike Lahoud! Is the ProDoucher hitting the Barca panic button too early? If you know him, does he like his girl’s hair curly? Yes.. Yes he does.

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