FIU Panthers vs UTSA – Feb. 23, 2017

Toon Squad
The FIU Panthers Men’s Basketball squad looked more like the Coyotes as they took on the UTSA Roadrunners last night. The first half showed some promise, but promises can be broken. The two teams went at each other, going back and forth, with no team leading by more than five midway through the first half. Our favorite Sesame Street-baller, Elmo Stephens, was money from long distance. I could hear The Count asking “how many points does he get for that shot? One, two, three! Three points! Ha ha ha…” With just under eight minutes remaining in the first half, UTSA was the aggressor, taking five more shots, and making three more shots than the Panthers, but FIU was more efficient, shooting over 50% thus far. However, the Panthers had already given up five turnovers. No bueno, but still only down by five points. The remainder of the first half was a shit-show. The Panthers gave up seventeen points on seven of twelve shooting by the Roadrunners, all while only putting up five points on two of seven shooting with three more turnovers. At the end of the first half it was 43-26, and the Panthers must’ve felt like the Roadrunners dropped an ACME anvil on their heads. “Meep Meep!” Ouch!
FIU Forward (1) Elmo Stephen Jr.
The second half, though! That was when the Coyote comes up with the perfect plan, and almost pulls through, just to see that damn Roadrunner slip through his fingers, as he looks down, only to see a canyon, about to plummet to his demise. The Wile E. Panthers came out to a great start on an 11-2 run behind team leaders/seniors/guards Eric Nottage and Donte McGill. These dudes can ball, but they needed help if they’re going to lead a comeback. Coach Evans must have felt like Gordon Gekko, because he gambled on a sophomore named Michael Douglas. Talk about energy off the bench. He channeled his inner Hassan Whiteside and came away with one of the sickest blocks I’ve ever seen. Don’t attack the rim when Michael Douglas is in the paint. He’s got a basic instinct about blocking shots. Not only that, he then went down and hit a three-pointer, and later slipped by his man and received a great pass down low for the two-handed slam! At this point, FIU has completed the comeback and tied the game with a Michael Kessens rebound put-back, and would eventually take the lead after McGill drops a three-pointer from Key West. These guys are relentless, just like Wile E. Coyote. Forgot about him, huh? The Panthers lead 67-66 with ten seconds left in the game. UTSA hits a three and the Panthers failed to create a final shot. This is the moment I mentioned before, when that damn Roadrunner slips through the Coyote’s fingers, as he looks down, only to see a canyon, and plummets to his demise. That second half looked promising, but as we all know, promises can be broken. 
For a full photo gallery from this game, please CLICK HERE.
FIU Guard (12) Eric Nottage


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