2019 football season

Lemon City Live Episode 179

The 2019 football season culminates as LSU defeats powerhouse Clemson in the CFB Playoff National Championship game, otherwise known as the #TigerBowl! Is this the greatest college football team of all time?

Meanwhile, in the NFL, Ryan Tannehill and the Tenessee Titans play the role of David, taking out a pair of Goliaths. Can they keep the momentum going against the new golden boy, Patrick Mahomes, and the Kansas City Chiefs? On the other side, Aaron Rodgers looks to take down a stingy 49ers defense and prove that he’s as good as we think he is.

The Super Bowl is in Miami, and so are the Dolphins. With the draft looming, how should they proceed after the 2019 football season? 

The debates were hot in the season 6 debut!

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Gustavo Chacon
Most of you know me as The Prodoucher FunGus, but my government name is Gustavo A. Chacon. Born and raised in the 305! I say Miami sports fans should be grateful for what we've been able to experience, at least in my lifetime. Pretty well rounded in the major sports, but baseball is probably my weakest subject. Doesn't stop me from writing about it! Either way, I find it pointless to memorize every sports stat since the beginning of time when I can just look it up, so don't expect me to drop some knowledge unless it's useful in the real world. However, I'm not afraid to tell you why your opinion is 100% wrong, lest we agree, of course. Wanna get into it? Argue with me @lemoncityfungus. It'll be fun!

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