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NFL Throwbacks Wish List

I love NFL throwbacks! If you’re not a fan then I offer my sincerest apologies, and would direct you to this great article Gabriel Garcia wrote about the current sports landscape. It’s a great read, but if you love uniforms the way I do then you will appreciate this list.

Recently, a potential NFL rule change in 2021 could allow the floodgates to open and teams to wear their throwback helmets and uniforms again. Current league rules force teams to only use one helmet, which makes it pretty tough to wear classic jerseys. Since the 2013 season, the NFL has had that rule in place that effectively limited teams to using only one helmet shell a season. The rule was put in place as part of the NFL’s efforts to take player safety more seriously — particularly when it came to head and neck injuries among players.

On a recent episode of the Dan Patrick Show, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Coach, Bruce Arians made some very interesting comments that have the Uni world excited. The big takeaway was that we should be hoping that the NFL does finally relax and allow teams to wear more than one helmet shell a season. It would be a beneficial move for teams who want to fully tap into their throwback uniform catalog, and it could also provide for some fun designs for alternate uniforms as well. It’s a sensible move for the league, and a potential huge moneymaker for Nike.

With that on the horizon, I’ve made a list of the top 10 throwbacks I want to see in 2021 or sooner. I researched and gave this list way more thought than I should, but I believe the results are worth it. So let’s kick it off, shall we?!

Honorable mention

Kelly green Eagles Classic colors meet modern styling

I’m in the minority on this, but I’m not crazy about the old kelly green Eagles uniforms. I do understand that most Eagles fans want to see them return to the field, but here’s a suggestion. How about they keep the current design and just change the color? They can satisfy fans of both looks the way the Star Trek reboot did for most Trekkies. I think this is a win. Fly Eagles Fly!

10. Bring back the flag in Arizona

This one is a great example of addition by subtraction. The Cards have been rocking their current and dated look since 2005, and honestly, they’re well overdue for a change. Bring back this classic template and no one would miss the current eyesores. The classic look is perfect for the Cards to usher in the new Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins era. Keep the franchise player happy, Arizona. Bring back the flag!

9. Falcons actually bleed red

That red and silver goes hard together

The Falcons have been suffering from the same issues that have plagued the Cardinals. It seems to be some type of aviary uniform sickness. I know Mike Vick made these current sets cool in 2004, but it’s been 16 years and a horrible Super Bowl loss since then. I like it when they rock the mid 90’s Jamal Anderson look, but it’s time to take it further back. Let’s bring back the 70’s red today. I promise it will be well received. 

8. Denver Padres err I mean Broncos

Photo credit: Disciples of Alberto Riveron

Damn, these are hard to look at. But if the Padres made these colors work then why can’t the Broncos? I think they can make brown cooler than Cleveland. Bonus points for some of the freshest socks in the game. 

7. Dolphins Last Marino’s

Call me a homer, but I think these are slept on by a lot of fans. The Fins and Dan didn’t win much in these, and fans always clamor for the older 80’s and 66′ throwbacks. Miami has done a great job in recent years by honoring those classic looks, but its time we give these some love. I especially want to see the rarely worn aqua tops. Here’s a link to see them in action. 

6. Seattle Silver

We’ve been robbed of these beauties for way too long. Even Russell Wilson agrees. I know the Seahawks have some of the best uniforms in the league right now. All these will do is elevate their uniform status to another level. Maybe if Macklemore made a song about these it will happen sooner?

5. Jags before their identity crisis

In the 90’s we loved teal and purple way too much. It was everywhere. In 1996 the Jags debuted this outstanding set. A few years later they added a sleek black top to their arsenal and the rest was history. They had some real bangers until 2009, when they did their first of three complete uniform redesigns.  

4. Oilers Powdered Blues

This look was so easy on the eyes. We can all picture Warren Moon slinging the rock across the field in this look. Or, maybe your mind wanders off to some Steve McNair and Eddie George highlights. You can’t lose either way. In my research I did come across this picture of former Titans defensive back, and my Lemon City Live co-host, Tanard Davis, wearing the throwback helmet with the Titans top. 

3. Lions 94′ Throwbacks

Maybe it’s because they look like my high school football uniforms, or maybe its just the bare simplicity of the look. Whatever it is, it’s beautiful. I see these and instantly remember Barry Sanders rushing for nearly 200 yards against the Cowboys on Monday night. Barry had one of his best seasons ever wearing these bad boys. Zero fumbles that year. WOW!

2. Bring Back Pat!

Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

As a Dolphins fan, I hate to mention anything Patriots in a positive light. I have to, though. It really irks me to no end how good they look in these. Their current look is a little underrated due to all their success, but it’s also a little dated. The Patriots are one of seven teams that will be making some type of uniform changes for next season. Let’s hope this is one of them. In the meantime enjoy these highlights from one of the best uni matchups ever.

1. Keeping it creamy

Joe Haas

What else is there to say? How can you not like these works of uniform art? They might just be the greatest football uniforms ever. Don’t even @ me about this. Bucco Bruce needs to return ASAP. I can’t wait to see Brady in orange. Seriously though, this is such a hard combo to pull off, but the Bucs nailed it. That shade of orange and cream shells just blends perfectly. The logo gives it the perfect amount of old school flair to properly complete the drip. The players love them, the fans want them, and now we just hope that the team delivers on them. Is it 2021 yet?

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