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Miami Gardens, FL – Tis’ the season for giving! This is the time of year when families come together and celebrate, but there are those who ensure that we, as Americans, are able to do so freely. Much of our armed forces are overseas, sacrificing their holidays and time with their families for our freedoms. I’m sure many of you have had family members or friends away on duty during the holidays, and maybe you sent them a little something to help them feel more at home. That’s exactly what the Fins did. Miami Dolphins alumnus Pat Surtain along with Dolphins mascot TD joined forces with the South Florida Cigna team to pack holiday care packages for overseas troops as part of the #DolphinsHuddlefor100 at Hard Rock Stadium on Friday, Dec. 13.

Cigna Market President for South Florida, Scott Evelyn said, “Cigna is proud to partner with the Miami Dolphins to bring holiday cheer to the men and women who serve our country. Our company is a strong supporter of the military, from sponsoring the Marine Corps Marathon to launching a free Support Line for all veterans and their families. Through today’s #DolphinsHuddlefor100 we’re sending a little piece of home to those serving overseas.”

Throughout the morning, the group including 100 Cigna employees packed 4,500 holiday care packages, which will be distributed to all branches of the military that have requested these packages via 

These events are part of an ongoing series of the #DolphinsHuddlefor100 service projects as part of the NFL’s 100th celebration. The NFL has invited fans, players, clubs and employees to join Huddle for 100, an effort to inspire 1 million people to volunteer 100 minutes of their time to make meaningful contributions to their communities. These activities are in connection with the Miami Dolphins’ initiative to level the playing field through the power of teamwork to inspire a healthier, more educated and united South Florida community. For more information on the NFL Huddle and to see volunteer opportunities with the Dolphins, visit

📸Credit: Miami Dolphins

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